Coordinated Dredging Campaign at Exmouth

July 29: Maintenance dredging and regular work to restore sand to beaches neighbouring Exmouth Boat Harbour has been coordinated to begin in August benefiting the $20 million upgrade of the facility and limiting disruption.

Department of Transport (DoT) Coastal Infrastructure General Manager Steve Jenkins said maintenance dredging, last completed in 2004, would restore depths and ensure safe navigation of the harbour while deepening some areas needed for wharf, trawler pen and breakwater upgrades.

"During the dredging campaign sand will also be excavated from the beach to the south of the harbour and trucked to Town Beach as part of regular sand replenishment works, typically undertaken in the area every two to four years, Mr Jenkins said.

"The $700,000, three month long campaign will see approximately 40,000 m3 of material placed on Town Beach to restore the eroded beach for the local community to enjoy.

"Special effort has been made to coordinate the timing of the two work campaigns to limit disruption to beach goers and harbour users."

Skippers operating in the area and people accessing the beach should be aware of the special safety arrangements implemented for the dredging and sand replenishment works.

Mr Jenkins said testing had confirmed the dredged material could be deposited on the beach.

"When initially placed on Town Beach it will be naturally discoloured. However, it will bleach in the sun and not noticeable after a few weeks, as in previous campaigns," Mr Jenkins said.

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