Thumbs up for Oceanic Offshore

Established in 1997 by a passionate diver, Oceanic Offshore has evolved into a leading diving business providing commercial air diving services for the mining and oil and gas sectors, inclusive of industry vessel operators, environmental companies and a number of other marine contractors.

The company has worked on a number of important projects and is currently working on Chevron’s Wheatstone Project. When Allseas Construction Contractors (ACC) was engaged to install the trunkline and infield flow lines for Wheatstone they in turn contracted Oceanic Offshore to assist with the necessary shallow water commercial diving scopes for the field installation activities.

After completing their first campaign in June this year, which involved dredging, installations, wire lay, shore and rigid buoyancy recovery, Oceanic Offshore mobilised to site again later in August to complete the second diving campaign. This involved the successful Installation and the removal of 24 x 5t IBU’s to the 44inch trunkline for the Above Water Tie In and the connection and disconnection of 8 x davit arm rigging assemblies from the DLB ‘Tog Mor’ to the 44inch pipeline.       

In addition to the commercial dive scope with ACC, Oceanic Offshore successfully completed another campaign on the Wheatstone Project with the BAM-Clough joint venture during July.

The joint venture was contracted by Bechtel to construct and test the marine facilities product loading facility and tug berths for Wheatstone. Oceanic Offshore completed six mooring inspections, Ooconducted underwater thermal lancing of construction/test piles and marine offloading facility dolphin works including installation of fender anodes, removal of grout hoses and the installation of catwalk cover plates.

The Wheatstone development comprises of the Wheatstone and Iago offshore gas fields.

Production from these fields will be from subsea wells and manifolds transported through insulated flow lines to the Wheatstone Platform. It is here that the gas and condensate will be dehydrated and dewatered before being transported to the Onshore LNG Plant via a trunk line. The LNG plant is located at Ashburton, west of Onslow, on Western Australia’s Pilbara coast.

The trunk line has a nominal outer diameter of 44 inch and is approximately 220km long. The trunk line extends from the central processing platform (Wheatstone Platform) to the onshore beach valve at the shore crossing site (via a Micro Tunnel).