Kody's Ride to Conquer Cancer

16 year old Kody needs your help.

SEACOGS recently received an email from Kody's father Captain Geoff Read asking for our help, and in essence, your help.

'My 16 year old son Kody has undertaken to raise at least $2500 in donations towards this year’s Sunsuper Ride to Conquer Cancer, which is the minimum fundraising required before a participant in the program becomes entitled to ride. To-date he has not been very successful in obtaining sponsorship from business, which is my purpose in writing to you.

I would be very grateful if you would forward this to appropriate personnel in Management who might approve making a donation to this worthy cause. Kody is very committed to the task. He recently purchased a $2,000 racing bike for the ride from his own funds, saved up after working for the duration of the Easter holidays at The Blue Water Café in Perth WA.

He is clocking up an impressive tally of kilometres every week in preparation for the event. Participants under 18 need to be riding with a guardian and to this end he has organised to ride with Team Woodside, with his brother Nic looking after him overnight in Pinjarra.

Woodside have already supplied him with some smart riding gear and so he is rearing to go.'

The link below will take you to his website page, where donations can be made. Tax Receipts are issued automatically after making a donation.

 View Kody's page on the Conquer Cancer Website by clicking here.