Seawall work to temporarily close part of North Mole (Western Australia)

North Mole Drive south of heliport to be closed for 8 weeks

Published: 25/09/2014

Seawall repairs 3.jpg
The seawall works will occur between the red arrows. North Mole Drive will be closed north of the arrow on the right of the map.

 North Mole Drive south of the heliport at Rous Head will be closed for eight weeks from 30 September for seawall works.

The seawall was damaged during storms in June this year.

The works include repair and raising of the height of part of the seawall, and repair of the adjacent dual-use path.

The 250-metre part of the seawall that needs repair was built about 24 years ago and is adjacent to the new seawall built four years ago.

Rous Head seawall work crop.jpg

The section of seawall behind the lightpole is the new section and is presently higher than the older section.

After it is repaired, this 250-metre section will also be raised in height through the addition of armour rock (granite), making it the same height as the new part of the seawall.

Raising of the height of the seawall in this section is seen as necessary to prevent future damage to the dual-use path during storms.

North Mole Drive north of the works will be open to the public as usual (7am-6pm each day) during the works. 

 Source: Fremantle Ports