SEACOGS: "One-stop shop"

Fremantle: Australian Heath Stewart has formed an online portal, SEACOGS, which, he says, is a one stop shop that provides information, services and products immediately available to all maritime-oriented organisations.

Stewart’s background is firmly rooted in the marine industry. He has operated within a number of roles over the past 20 plus years starting on the deck as a junior before progressing to engineer, mate, master, educator and trainer, fleet manager, general manager and marine consultant. This background allows Stewart to understand the complexities and difficulties experienced in navigating the broad spectrum of day to day hurdles associated with operating vessels in unfamiliar ports and surrounding waters. These include meeting project specific requirements of construction, oil and gas majors. These challenges inspired the establishment of SEACOGS, a website, which aims to streamline the way business is conducted by providing a tool that connects customers, trades and services providers, and industry professionals via an easy to use and effective global marine network.

“As marine companies embrace e-commerce and seek to benefit from online opportunities, SEACOGS can be a key driver and enabler of this trend that is set to transform the global marine industry,” says Stewart.

It is Heath’s contention that the global marine industry would benefit greatly by having a central hub. In his experience, most of the world’s service providers are usually only recognised within their own and a few surrounding ports. “Very few are recognised nationally within their own country or let alone globally. Effectively, they are off the radar so to speak,” he says. “By utilising SEACOGS,” he continues, “members can achieve increased exposure so that they can be easily found and contacted directly by users across the globe. This is especially useful when users have limited or no local knowledge in a particular port and surrounding waters.”

Key features of include Port Directory, Vessels, Classifieds, Tenders and Careers sections. 

Maritime CEO - Wednesday, 16th Oct 2013

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SEACOGS: The “go-to” directory for the maritime sector.

SEACOGS is an online advertising platform and directory service that provides listings of services and products, either for sale, charter or hire.

SEACOGS is an acronym for South-East Asia and Australasia Construction, Oil, Gas, and Shipping. The title defines the company’s geographical focus (with headquarters in Fremantle, Western Australia and supporting “Business Development Offices” currently being established throughout Australasia).

Specialising mainly in Australian waters, SEACOGS managing director Heath Stewart created the concept and founded the business after decades of working within the maritime sector.

Mr Stewart sees this tool as vital to the growth of the maritime industries within these regions. By making all services and products immediately available to all maritime-oriented organisations, it will ultimately lead to more time and other resources spent on maximizing opportunities and less time looking for and evaluating the available options.

Thus SEACOGS was created after identifying a need within the maritime industry to streamline the way business is conducted and modernise the way contacts are made and maintained.

The SEACOGS website contains business listings within a possible 583 ports throughout South East Asia and Australasia. These listings can be found in the Port Directory Index. The site also includes listings for vessels for charter or sale, and items of plant and equipment for hire or sale within the classifieds section. Other directory features include listings of requests for tender from government and other organisations requiring maritime-specific responses and job vacancies within construction, oil, gas, and shipping firms.

Businesses of any size or type may be listed within the SEACOGS website. Initial listings in the Port Directory Index are free, though paid membership guarantees greater exposure to the target market by providing access to premium listings at the top of search results. Members also have a facility to include detailed profiles of the businesses, vessels, plant and equipment they wish to have advertised to give potential clients a better idea of what to expect in terms of capability, cost, and other important attributes. Profiles of SEACOGS Platinum Plus members are selected at random and featured on the home page on a scrolling slideshow.

Another interesting feature of the website is a separate directory with links to various general information sites. This directory covers news reports, weather forecasts and updates, websites of major commercial banks, airline reservation sites, and government sites of each country and territory within SEACOGS’ geographical focus. This feature allows site visitors to know more about the laws, customs, and other practices in the host countries and territories of the organisations with which they intend to do business.

SEACOGS already features an impressive selection of advertised businesses. The website is still in its infancy and aims to widen its reach to better promote the maritime sector throughout South-East Asia, Australasia, and perhaps even beyond. With so many sovereign states and territories in the region that depend on this industry for their economic growth, the need for an all inclusive online maritime industry directory to facilitate trade and other activities cannot be stressed enough.

Nelson E. Dela Cruz

Baird Maritime  - Friday, 17 May 2013

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