Direct Debit Terms

General Statement of Legal Effect

"By completing your application form and submitting it to SEACOGS you:

(a) acknowledge that you have read and understood any terms and conditions of using the web site available at /terms-and-conditions/;
(b) agree, or where you are signing on behalf of a company, the company agrees, to be bound by those terms and conditions upon submission of your registration;
(c) warrant that the details as completed by you in the application form are correct; and
(d) warrant that you are the person named in the application form as the applicant or, if submitting this application form on behalf of a company, you are duly authorised by the company to do so.

SEACOGS is under no obligation to accept your application and will endeavour to notify you in due course if your application is not found to be acceptable."

Direct Debit

By submitting this form for processing I/we authorise you, SEACOGS ABN  64 156 181 887, until further notice, to arrange payment of my/our SEACOGS account via an Automatic Account Payment Arrangement by debiting my/our account at the Financial Institution identified above.

Your rights and our commitments:

  • When you register for direct debit, you are authorising SEACOGS to withdraw funds from your nominated account. These withdrawals will occur in line with the terms of your selected membership.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that direct debit is available from your nominated account. If in doubt, check with your financial institution.

  • By submitting your registration successfully you will be granted the status of a Member on the SEACOGS website. The benefits and attributes of your account are available at the time of registration.

  • Any changes to the terms of this Service Agreement will be provided online and are subject to change without notice.

  • You must ensure that you have sufficient funds in the nominated account on the payment due date. If there are insufficient funds, your financial institution may charge you a fee. We will contact you to arrange an alternative payment and may pass on any additional processing costs.

  • You must It is your responsibiity to ensure that your financial details are correct and update if necessary any credit card or account details that may change.


  • In the event of cancellation or cessation of your account you must abide by the terms as set out in the SEACOGS cancellation policy /cancellation-and-refund-policy/

If you believe a withdrawal has been processed incorrectly, contact us immediately. We will investigate the matter and where necessary credit your account within 10 business days.

All customer information you provide to us will be kept confidential, except for information required by your financial institution to initiate the withdrawal from your nominated account.