This Policy is only relevant to Companies who were members prior to 11/03/2015

Change of Plan

SEACOGS’ membership plans offer flexibility and convenience. If you need to upgrade or downgrade the scope of your plan, you are able to change your plan at any time online through your My Account pages.

If you change your Premium Membership plan, any unused time on your previous plan will be credited  towards your updated plan (calculated daily).

When changing plans you will need to;

  • Agree to the Direct Debit Terms and Conditions
  • Renew your Membership for a new 12 month period.
  • When modifying your account you may be asked to re-authorise scheduled payments.

NOTE: If the number of publicly listed items in any one service area exceeds the allowance on your new Member account then those publicly listed items will be delisted and you will need to re-select those items you wish to show publicly (in accordance with your new limit).



Cancellation of your Premium account can be made at any time. When cancelling your account, all authorised scheduled payments will cease. You will still have access to your Premium account features until the current paid period expires, after which time your account will revert to a 'Standard' non-fee plan. When on the 'Standard' plan all public Career, Tender, Vessel, Classified and Port Directory listings will be delisted and not viewable on the public site.

If cancelling your account 

  • To ensure no further charges are made we require cancellations to be made with three (3) working days notice prior to the expiry of your current Premium Plan.
  • Refunds for any unused time are only applicable for unused periods of 3 months or more and must be requested in writing or via email to or P.O. Box Box 913, Fremantle WA, 6959.
  • Please, allow up to 30 days for refunded monies to appear in your banking statement.


Account Deletion

An account may be deleted for the following reasons:

  • At the request of authorised account holder.
  • Where payment for your Membership fails to be made in a timely manner.
  • Where a Member is deemed to have misrepresented themself, their business or company.
  • Where a Member, through their actions, brings into disrepute.